Originally from Arkansas, I now live in Lafayette, LA and play the surrounding states regularly.  Over the course of the years, I've reinvented myself musically many times, often against my will: piano to guitar, classical to art rock, art rock to folk, flat picking to finger-picking, solely songwriting to performing.  My latest incarnation has me playing out often, sometimes touring, and writing and recording consistently.  In 2022, I released a full length album, Arkansas, and a single, The Riverband (Dockside). In 2023, I released a full length album, Gethsemane, and a live EP, Live In the City of Gold. I plan to release another album, False Summits sometime towards the end of the year.  I also have single, Song for Edward de Vere, planned for November 2023, the 400th anniversary of the Shakespearean Folio.  

In 2021 my song, "The Riverband," won 1st place in the Red Lodge / Rocky Mountain Songwriter Festival Contest and Honorable Mention in the Indie International Contest, and "I'm Going to Heaven" won 1st in the Spiritual Category of the Eventide Songwriter Contest. In 2022, I played the Red Lodge Songwriting Festival in Montana, the Dripping Springs Songwriting Festival in Texas, and in 2023 I played the Tucson Folk Festival in Arizona.  In July of 2023, my song, Coming Off My Meds, Again, placed as one of six in the ACORN Songwriting Competition which led me to Three Oaks, Michigan to perform the song before a live audience.  

Thanks for checking me out and listening to me!

"You're the Bob Dylan of Louisiana" Stuart McNair

"Your words are Old Testament flames, your guitar pickin' the devil's ice pick, your voice the prophet of doom" Billy Callaway

"'I Dismissed Your Work' brings to mind a woozy Bob Dylan with significantly more polish." Adobe & Teardrops

"'Blood' is a riveting blast of soulful Americana that snakes through its nearly seven-minute length with soulful alactrity.  Sullivan is a commanding presence and he pilots the track with a sure-footed confidence and a decidely philosophical narrative, while guitarist Jim McGee is in top form, driving the track with Bluesy finesse." Alex Green at Stereo Embers Magazine

"With a Baton Rouge bluesy swing set to a reggae beat, Reece Sullivan supplies delightfully layered music," Melissa Clarke at Americana Highways on single Pretty Carry

Reece Sullivan’s new 6+ minute epic single, “I Am A Good Man”… Sullivan’s vocal fits the mood of the song perfectly.  He takes time to tell his story and subtly puts some nice vocal movements before transitioning back to those addictive verses to finish out the section and begin again…Another great thing about the song is the plethora of instrumentation and musicians.  With every pass I am surprised all over again with spikes of harmonica, piano, organ and the sweet sound of a horn section.  Throw in a tightly tuned and crisp snare, timely electric guitar leads and a really smooth bass line that travels up the fret board that peaks my ear every time I hear it, and you’ve got a sound that expands complete across the spectrum…I’m truly excited to hear what his upcoming album Arkansas has in store for us.”

—Tommy Marz, Sound Vapors, July 11, 2022