Originally from Arkansas, I now live in Lafayette, LA and play the surrounding states regularly.  Over the course of the years, I've reinvented myself musically many times, sometimes against my will: piano to guitar, classical to art rock, art rock to folk, flat picking to finger-picking, solely songwriting to performing.  My latest incarnation has me playing out often, sometimes touring, and writing and recording consistently.  I have a full album titled, WORDSMITH, out February 18, 2018, and a single titled, Lamentations, coming out in Fall.  Thanks for checking me out and listening to me!

"You're the Bob Dylan of Louisiana" Stuart McNair

"Your words are Old Testament flames, your guitar pickin' the devil's ice pick, your voice the prophet of doom" Billy Callaway

"'I Dismissed Your Work' brings to mind a woozy Bob Dylan with significantly more polish." Adobe & Teardrops